WealthStar Advisors Guiding Principles

Everything we do counts  -

Each action or non-action we make during the day ultimately has an outcome.  We strive to make the right decisions, big and small throughout each of our days in order to serve our clients, our team, our families, and our community.

Clients Come First -

Any decision we make places clients' needs and goals first.  Being a fee only firm removes the conflict of interest inherent in  commission based financial relationships.

Truth - Integrity -

We believe living a life of integrity and truth is a necessity of long term success in our field and life in general.  We help you understand the truth of your financial life today and take the actions necessary to maintain or improve it for the future. 

Personal Responsibility -

We believe we have a personal responsibility to help each of our clients achieve their stated goals and more.   We are accountable to our clients, our WealthStar team members, our families, and our community.  Being responsible to you and each of our team members improves the level of service we provide year over year.